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Financial Spread Betting

Financial spread betting is a fully established method for speculating in the financial markets. Its growth since the late 1990s has mirrored the increasing use of the internet as a means to trade and most spread bettors will now use a web based broker to execute their trading. Whilst newcomers are sometimes daunted by the terminology and the various spread betting platforms and tools, these are relatively easy to master. The main challenge is still the traditional one of understanding the financial markets.

Financial spread betting allows speculation in a huge range of markets which have traditionally been restricted to professional traders. It is also a tax free and commission free activity. These few points alone go a long way to explaining the growth in its popularity over the last few years.

This site brings together the practical aspects of financial spread betting in an independent, simple format and introduces further concepts, tools and strategies. Also contained are the details of all the main financial spread betting providers.

Financial Spread Betting Basics

An overview of what financial spread betting is, the basics of placing a bet, what the advantages and the disadvantages are, what you need to start spread betting, what markets to bet on and how to control your losses. This section contains the basic information required to get you started.

Tools and Strategies

This section introduces some of the concepts underlying spread betting such as types of analysis, chart reading, trends, indicators, candlestick patterns. It then explains how these tools can be implemented in some basic strategies, risk management and the impact of trader psychology on performance.

Spread Betting Providers

SpreadPlanet rates and reviews the best spread betting providers in terms of reliability, spread sizes, minimum bet sizes and also brings you details of their latest offers. It's a competitive market so make sure you take advantage of the incentives when starting out.


Highlighted are some of the most useful books, videos and e-books available together with details of additional software providers. Plus a selection of links to sites exploring spread betting.

News and Articles



Some of the more commonly asked questions relating to financial spread betting.

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